Configuring for Sterility: A Staged Solution for Sterile Compressed Air Filtration

In filtration – created for sterile outcomes – there’s no “one-size-fit-all” filters you’ll be able to install just like a single-vessel sterility solution. Regrettably, it’s just not very easy, however, you won’t uncover it lots of to possess results you seek, either.

You’ll find three fundamental filtering stages – and corresponding filter types – necessary to achieve and sterility in compressed air systems, which i have outlined below:

Contaminant & Odor Removal Using Sanitary Industrial Filters – filters inside the first stage get rid of the weather inside the contaminants typically contained in compressed air systems, for instance oil, water, and dirt. Needs for instance bigger environmental contaminants and odors you have to remove with filters that you just install upstream within the Sterile Filter.

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These filters will be the following filter types:

Pre-filters get rid of the bigger particulates and extend the service information on filters installed next

Coalescing Filters remove oil, water, and dirt usual to compressed air systems

Activated Carbon or Charcoal Filters remove odors, which, clearly, are dangerous for a lot of processes and you’ll have to eliminate them from your processed compressed air, when using the application. Since this is application specific, the benefits of activated carbon filters varies.

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Filter Sterilization Using Steam and Steam Filters – you spent the hepa filtration inside the switchable bypass line to clean the steam useful for in-situ sterilization inside the Sterile Filter. This second phase prepares your Sterile Filter for operation with routine sterilization cycles using steam. Since other sterilization methods exist, using this discussion we’ll focus on steam since the sterilizing agent. For steam sterilization you have to situate a steam filter inside the secondary line you’ll be able to switch off if needed prior to the Sterile Filter to eliminate the dimensions and rust deposits within the steam source.

Compressed Air Sterilization Using Sterile Filters – receive the best stage, the hepa filtration removes the microbial and/or viral contaminants inside the compressed air line.

Frequently, users will gravitate one-stage approach to achieve sterile air for downstream processes. The contamination contained in typical compressed air systems, however, surpasses just the microbial or viral content that you are targeting. Consequently, each phase inside the filtration model described above addresses all these types of contamination inside the proper sequence for that finest results.

In addition, it isn’t uncommon for finish-users not to sterilize the sterile filters, themselves – both initially with routine maintenance cycles – to supply truly sterile air for processes. No matter manufacturer, a sterile filter that’s element aren’t really sterile when first installed so you must sterilize them before use.

Achieving sterility for processes requiring sanitary air is important for the safety and effectiveness within the products so you approach the job by permitting a current solution that actually delivers inside your expectations. A staged micro-filtration approach with process components that address each stage of contamination may be the finest approach to achieving that goal.

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