Conducting Background Check for Business Partners in Singapore

Learning how to open a company in Singapore is just the beginning of a business venture. Over time, should things go well for the company, the business will be profitable, and entrepreneurs will get more returns. Essentially, the plan is to keep growing.

As your business gains more traction, you might want to onboard additional investors or business partners. They can contribute additional capital—whether through cash, property, and other assets—or expertise in the field. Either way, they will become an important official in your company, taking on significant roles in your operations.

With this, it is only imperative for you to conduct background check for business partners in Singapore. After all, you want to work with someone who you can rely on, has a good character and reputation, and is equipped with the necessary skills to hold a position in your company. You would not want to be dealing with people who are not suitable for your business.

What to Look When Conducting Background Check for Business Partners

You would not want to be associated with potential investors who are suspicious. Here are some of the things you should look into when doing background check for business partners in Singapore.

Financial Position

How the potential investors manage their finances is an important gauge if they can be part of your company. You should be alarmed if they are dealing with bankruptcy, tax liens, poor credit, and other related concerns. You would want a business partner who can keep his or her finances in order and has the knowledge on the financial discipline. After all, you would want to receive the promised capital funding for your business.

Ethical Concerns

It might affect your business negatively if you onboard business partners who have bad reputation, pending litigation, and reports about alleged misconduct of any sorts. In addition, there are people who might fake their academic history, employment information, and even character references just to appear impressive. You would not want to be teamed up with someone who is dishonesr. Choose someone who has strong moral conduct and will never put your business at risk.

Personal Issues

Everyone has baggage that is slowing them down in life. You just have to check carefully if your business partner’s personal problems are too much that it can affect the company. It is not necessarily a red flag but it is something you should consider. Are you willing to work more in case your business partner is dealing with his or her personal life sometimes? It really depends on the situation. You are the one who can gauge it perfectly.

Checking the Company

In Singapore, there is a regulatory body overlooking all the business-related matters. It is called Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

If you are collaborating with another company, you can do an ACRA name check to confirm its legitimacy. The regulator collects the data on all corporate details, including nominee directors, corporate secretaries, and shareholders, among others.

By doing so, you can confirm that at the very least, the company you can potentially work with is legally operating within the laws of Singapore. Again, you would not want to be involved with a company whose reputation is questionable.

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