Common Pests that Attack your Garden

Among the different pests that can appear in the garden, some are usually more typical than others.

Therefore, in this gardening advice, Pest Control Meridian Idaho will analyze the three most common pests in gardens, and we will look for practical solutions to end them, and they do not appear again.

  1. Aphid Plague

The aphid is one of the most typical pests that can be found in the world of gardening. The first thing to do is to see if we have this type of plague. It is effortless to recognize if we have an aphid infestation or not.

What you have to do is look at the leaves. If the tenderest leaves of the tree or the plant are somewhat curled or curled, it means that we have an aphid infestation. This is because the aphids are placed on the back of the leaves.

Once the aphid’s focus or plague is located, surely we will also see that there are ladybugs. The reason for the presence of ladybugs is simple: they are the natural predators of aphids.

Therefore, if we are going to use a chemical product to avoid aphids, it should be a product that respects ladybugs since they will also help eliminate the plague of aphids.

  1. Pest Of The Mealybug

Another typical pest that usually affects a lot is the mealybug according to this pest control company. The mealybug usually affects all citrus fruits very quickly and also indoor plants.

Mealybugs are small limpet-shaped insects that adhere to the plant and absorb the sap of the plant. Because of this, the plant weakens and can die. Therefore, it is essential to end these types of pests.

To end the pest of mealybugs, the first thing will be to see if the plague is very strong or not. If the plague is healthy, we will have to resort to chemical insecticides. If the plague is not very strong, we can kill the cochineal plague with a bit of well-soaked cotton.

The process is simple: with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol, we must rub in the areas where there is a cochineal infestation.

  1. Plague Of Slugs And Snails

Lastly, slugs and snails are also often a big problem in the garden. They can be avoided with chemicals, but biological tricks prevent slug and snail pests.

One way to avoid these types of pests as suggested by pest control Boise is to place a glass jar in a hole near the plant or the area that we want to protect and fill the jar with beer. In this way, during the night, snails and slugs will be attracted to the smell of beer and will end up drowning in the jar.

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