Casino Etiquettes which every player should follow

Playing in a casino can be an exciting feeling and you would want to dive right into playing games like bandarqq. But, before doing so, you have to follow some common etiquettes in casinos which is expected from all other players in the casino. Here are some common etiquettes for every casino player to follow.

Don’t talk about other players’ Strategy

Casino games are played at a table with players sitting around it. This does not mean that casino games are team games. Most of the games are played by individuals who have their strategy to win against the house. During the game, you should focus on your strategy and should not call out the other players’ strategy or even discuss it with any other player. Commenting on the other players’ play or strategy is not the right way to go. If you are not comfortable with any players’ way of playing, you should not say anything but rather play at another table.

Wait for other players in Roulette

Players in Roulette sit around the wheel while waiting for the ball to stop at their lucky number. The number of Roulette are large in numbers and often, the other players have to stand because of the shortage of seats. Before the spin, there may be a lot of commotion when players try to put their bets. The wheel is spun only after all the players have made their bet. During this time, you should wait patiently and also ask the dealer to wait for the spin if you notice that other players are yet to put their bets.

Do not touch your cards unless told

In card games like Blackjack or Poker, many players are very excited and eager to see the cars that they have been dealt. In such excitement, they check their cards as soon as they are dealt. This is a common mistake with many players and it also displays disrespect to the dealers and other players. In case the cards on the table are face-up, there is no need to touch them and you shouldn’t. If the dealer finds you touching the cards, you will be told not to do so again and in some cases, you may also be removed from the table for violating the terms of the casino.


Apart from how much you win in a casino, it is your etiquette in a casino that other people and players look at. Make sure to leave a good impression of yourself in the casino when playing games like bandarqq.


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