Carpet Tiles-Best source to decorate your floorings

The first question that comes to mind is what are carpet tiles and how are they installed? Carpet tiles also known as carpet squares and available in many different colors and pattern styles. These can range from solid colors all the way to wild typical of the casino floors.

They also come in many different sizes such as 18″20″ 24″ 36″ and 40″. Carpet tiles lay down easily side by side to create a smooth carpeted floor that they provide just like wall to wall carpeting and the installation is expected far easier.

One of the advantages of carpet tiles is that you can get the beauty of wall to wall carpet without having cut and rolled out the heavy carpet. Make sure the existing floor underneath is solid, smooth, dry, clean, and free of wax when you are installing carpet tiles.

Basically what is Carpet tile?

Things you have to know about carpet tiles first are as follows;

As you can see in any good hotel, there are carpets in the rooms and on the floors as well. There are carpet tiles from the same legacy. This is a very revolutionary product. The top of the Carpet tile has weaving threads.

There Are Two Types of fiber use in carpet tiles:

One is POLYPROPYLENE fiber and the other is NYLON fiber.

Polypropylene fiber is a little cheaper and it will flex a little less after cleaning and its piles will be pressed a little bit. On the other hand, if you are using nylon fiber carpet tiles first of all it is very easy to clean if you are vacuuming these carpet tiles you will get rid of dirt quickly.

Nylon threads do not break easily, that is the reason for longer life nylon carpet tiles against PP tiles. Have you ever noted? When you go to the airport, you will find most of the flooring area is covered by nylon carpet tiles.

Where can you use Carpet Tiles?

Carpet Tiles can be used in offices, in conference rooms, it looks beautiful in cabins, and in the staff workstation it will be very useful there. Ever since the carpet tiles market had been developed you can see long striped tiles now that are being manufactured in bright colors and very beautiful designs. This is the reason why people are installing carpet tiles at their homes.

Here I Mention you some of Advantages of Carpet Tiles:

  • The major advantage of carpet tiles is its cheaper price than other carpets.
  • The most obvious advantage is its entire easy installation process. Whereas carpet installation is a tricky exercise and extremely challenging.
  • Can be used in weird shapes and rooms and you can use it in all kinds of floor designs.
  • You can repair them easily if any particular tile gets damaged for any reason. You can just replace that tile simply.
  • It can be used in heavy traffic areas.
  • Batter Air Quality the carpet captures dust particles better.
  • They are considered as safe flooring without having danger of slipping.
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