Best Spy Software for Windows & Mac Computer in 2020

In 2020, it is easy to pick the best spy software for Windows system to monitor reliably. A few years back it was difficult to pick the right one but now when we search on the internet, we immediately find out perfect software which is most preferred due to their uniqueness. 

PCs and Mac are almost used everywhere, whether at home, office or at any working place. These are mostly used to keep data secure and to maintain data. Pcs have some drawbacks as well as people do an inappropriate thing on the internet. Kids involved in watching violent or abusive content on YouTube or social media. Likewise, employees distracted from work and started watching useless things on the internet.

To prevent people from a negative impact of PCs, thee are spy software which plays an important role in this. Spy software provides hidden physical access over targeted window systems and empowers the user to monitor any activity by activating relevant features. Let’s look at which software is best to spy on pc.

TheOneSpy Windows & Mac Spying Software 

TOS alerts the user about upcoming dangers and empowers the user to take action confidently on given reliable information. TOS advanced and powerful monitoring tools are its strength, which makes it unique from other spying software. 

The best thing about TOS is that it not only spies online but offline as well. Like when the internet gets disconnected it record all offline activities in short clips and automatically delivers at users’ online portal. 

Features of TOS for Windows & MAC system 

TheOneSpy has 250 plus dynamic features which performs multiple functions uniquely. Let’s look at some advanced features of TheOneSpy mac spy software which smoothly work with Windows and Mac systems.

  • Surrounding Recorder 

It helps the user by spying on surrounding voices of the targeted system. User can listen if their loved one talks to any unknown. 

  • Windows Keylogger 

It facilitates users to spy on all typed keys by the targeted person on targeted Windows or Mac. A user can easily detect secret passwords and secret activities performed by the targeted person. 

  • Multimedia Viewer 

It gives real-time access over targeted system gallery where a user can track all downloaded and captured photos, video, audios and other multimedia files as well. 

  • Screen Recorder 

The screen recorder empowers the user to send a recording command on specific or all activities. It automatically starts recording the user’s demand. 

  • E-mail Tracker

A user can monitor all sent or received emails on the targeted system. It helps the user to make sure that the targeted person is not sharing any secret data to any stalker or predator. 

  • Installed Apps Viewer

It facilitates a user to monitor all installed applications and software in the targeted system by the targeted person. 

  • Screenshot Taker 

Screenshot take helps the user to take a screenshot of any activity only by sending a command on an online cloud account. 

Things to Consider while getting TOS Subscription 

Some necessary thing that should keep in mind while purchasing TOS subscription for Windows or Mac system

Firstly, select the suitable plan which should be compatible with your device version and model. Like the TOS Windows spy software version will only be compatible with your targeted window version. 

Then, ask TOS for the subscription of the selected plan. TheOneSpy mails login detail and installation information at users ID. User can easily get any plan or package at an affordable and reasonable price. 

User needs to open the TOS account in a targeted system by applying the username and password. 

After logging in, a user needs to download and install TOS software in the targeted system. It just took 3 minutes to install. In case, the user faces any technical issue during the installation process, so TOS expert technicians’ teams facilitate users by resolving their technical issue. 

Now, a user has to log in TOS account at their device and activate the features. It gives immediate access to the user over the targeted system. 


After reviewing the best spy software for PC, we turn out that TheOneSpy provides the complete solution of all parental and employer worries. Its innovative features break the jail and spy on every single activity in real-time and with 100% safety.

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