Benefits of studying mechanical engineering

Read on for some of the top advantages of studying mechanical engineering if you’re debating whether to major in it at university but haven’t made up your mind yet.

What is mechanical engineering?

Math, science, and computing are all used in mechanical engineering. It was mechanical engineers who created the world as we know it today. Mechanical engineers play a critical role in the design and development of everything from the smallest nanotechnology to society’s most remarkable structures, including buildings, vehicles, and space stations.

Why should one pursue mechanical engineering in college?

Wide-ranging academic possibilities

A degree for mechanical engineering is the most interdisciplinary of the engineering fields, giving you a perspective on the other fields and, as a result, the most comprehensive range of employment options.

In contrast to other degree programs, mechanical engineering has a broad curriculum that enables you to develop skills that can be applied to many different sorts of professions. Anything requiring moving components is designed by an expert using math and science principles. They could work on heating systems or automobiles.

Math, science, and design courses are likely to be included in this degree program. You will gain knowledge through fieldwork, research, laboratory projects, lectures, and seminars.

Typical modules may include:

  • solid mechanics
  • systems modelling
  • structural materials
  • biomedical and bioengineering
  • engineering concepts
  • thermodynamics
  • electromechanicals
  • thermofluids

Range of career paths

One of the most critical engineering disciplines is mechanical engineering. The graduate employment market is notoriously competitive, but because mechanical engineers use math and physics to develop and manufacture the majority of the world’s mechanical devices, they are frequently in high demand globally. Therefore, graduate prospects are better than in most other fields, with the majority of mechanical engineers finding jobs quickly after graduating. 2019 study revealed that 92% of graduates found employment within three months of graduation (HBO Monitor 2019). You will have many work alternatives because mechanical engineering is such a diverse field.

The majority of graduates work in fields related to mechanical engineering, such as:

  • mechanical engineer
  • aerospace engineer
  • structural engineer
  • civil engineer

However, some graduates opt to transition into different industries and jobs due to the variety of their learned abilities. Some of them could consist of:

  • transport planner
  • auto electrician
  • Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinist
  • model maker

Global opportunities

Mechanical engineers are in high demand, including those who have only taken a part time engineering degree Singapore. Every country needs these specialists to work on the various products and services that make up its society. You might work on a Chinese railway project or an oil rig in the North Sea. Your desire to travel extensively or live abroad may be realized with the aid of a mechanical engineering degree.

High salary opportunities

Mechanical engineers typically make good money. Holland’s average base salary, at about €63,475 per year, is higher than that of several other countries (Glassdoor, 2020). Qualified professionals have excellent employment and career advancement chances since they are in high demand across practically all industries.

The forefront of future technologies

If you’re captivated by technology and modern technological breakthroughs, mechanical engineering may be the perfect career for you. As mechanical engineers take the lead and develop new technologies, you will be at the centre of the process.

Your studies and your work won’t likely be boring because of how quickly technology is developing. You can have a beneficial and significant impact on the world by designing products for a variety of industries, including robotics, transportation, construction, and healthcare.

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