Bandung Attractions : Children’s attractions in Bandung

Inviting children to vacation is enjoyable. Well, suppose you choose to visit the City of the Flowers. In that case, there are lots of kid tourist attractions in Bandung that are highly recommended.

Vacationing with children and family is the most challenging time. However, occasionally we are confused about what is acceptable for your child about going. Though you need to see children’s excursions, it does not indicate that parents can not enjoy the holiday season. But in Bandung, it is guaranteed that children are going to be pleased with another holiday experience. 

Several destinations are designated explicitly as family attractions. In case you have to take your small one, we do not have to be confused. For more information, refer right, to the next review!

We have outlined five children’s attractions in Bandung that may be a benchmark for holidays with families to answer the confusion in choosing attractions suitable for your small one.

These are tourist recommendations that are acceptable for families and children.

  1. Jendela Alam

Jendela Alam is one of those attractions for Bandung children that you must visit. This area is a learning arena that has a car for adults and kids.

This place is acceptable for adults and kids to get to know nature. We will be encouraged to do livestock and farming activities like farming, gardening, learning how to milk cows, or even feeding cattle. This is guaranteed to be extremely fun for the kids; they can learn enjoyably.

  1. Dago Pojok Creative Village

If you wish to teach children about artistic value, this area is highly advised to visit. At first, Dago Pojok is a community that provides schools for kids.

The focus of the activities is art lessons. But over time, many individuals visited this location to take part in this art activity. We will be greeted with murals with striking colors in each dinging when entering the Dago Village place. We’ll also get little girls learning dance, and boys are practicing Pencak silat, the traditional martial arts in Indonesia.

In this free tourist spot, there is a special instruction for making puppets, making angklung (local musical instrument).

  1. Ranca Upas

There are a lot of children’s playgrounds. However, there’s nothing wrong with encouraging them to get nearer to nature. One of these is in Ranca Upas.

Tourist attractions in Bandung are kid-friendly places. Ranca Upas is situated in the Ciwidey region. It’s a conservation area for both deer conservation and campground.

Kids will be encouraged to learn the animal behavior and may interact. We’re also permitted to nourish it. Additionally, there are outdoor hunts that may be followed by several types of water play actions and jointly by kids. By looking for the hot spring baths, adults can gratify themselves.

  1. Bamboo Village Leisure Park

Tourist attractions situated in the Lembang area are very suitable to be visited with all family members and children. This family entertainment area has all-natural facilities that are educational and interesting. Suitable to be utilized as a means of learning kids in a fun way.

Equipped with villas, restaurants, and other facilities such as pagulinan and the equator marketplace will make people comfortable seeing.

While enjoying the gorgeous mountain scene in Bambu 19, children can be encouraged to cycle around the vast area. Besides biking, they can be invited to camp and revel in nature more. This place provides playing activities and education for kids.

They are sometimes taught to perform with Sundanese games and to grow crops. It will be a pleasant experience.

  1. Ade Irma Suryani Traffic Park

Are you currently looking for affordable family attractions in Bandung? Just come to the Ade Irma Suryani Traffic Park. Children’s appeals in Bandung may be applied as a means of understanding for children to introduce visitors and civilization regulations.

Children may also play mini-cycles, mini trains, motorbike trains, and vehicles. Furthermore, a swimming pool is to perform the little one which will make them more cheerful when encouraged in this recreation area.

This place is also spacious and equipped with a variety.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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