5 Signs You Need Air Compressor Servicing in Singapore

5 Signs You Need Air Compressor Servicing in Singapore

Air compressors are one of the most valuable tools for various industries, such as agriculture, construction, and more. If your company works in any of these industries, it’s essential to know how to properly take care of your air compressors. After all, if your air compressor from Singapore malfunctions, you’ll risk having your entire operations cease until you get it serviced. Here are five signs your air compressor needs servicing so you can be one step ahead.

1. Low Pressure

One of the first signs to look out for when checking up on your air compressor is if it can still do its core function: providing sufficient airflow and pressure. Suppose your air compressor fails to maintain the pressure you need for your business operations when it used to provide for your needs perfectly fine before. In that case, you may need to call for air compressor servicing in Singapore.

2. High Operating Temperature

‘The heat of compression’ refers to how compressing air forces all the air particles to stick together in a tiny space and how the particles collide and interact with each other can create copious amounts of heat. Unfortunately, heat is the worst enemy of many appliances and machines, so air compressors need an efficient way to dissipate the gathered heat out and away from itself. If your compressor’s temperature is alarmingly high, you may need to contact your air compressor supplier from Singapore for servicing.

High Operating Temperature

3. Increased Noise

Unless you buy an air compressor specifically designed to be silent, you can expect lots of noise to emanate from it during use. This noise is usually consistent in how it sounds and how loud it is. When the sound from your air compressor from Singapore starts to deviate, it may signal that it needs servicing. Some examples of noises to look out for are bearing noises, clicking, rattling, and rumbling.

4. Excess Moisture

Liquid condensation is a byproduct of compressing air, and small amounts are nothing to worry about as you can quickly eliminate it with air dryers and filters. However, an excessive amount in the compressed air supply may signal that your compressor is declining in quality and effectiveness. An air treatment issue may need to be fixed with air compressor servicing in Singapore.

5. Oil Issues

If you want your air compressor to run smoothly, you’ll need to lubricate it with oil regularly and adequately. Ensure that you’re using the correct oil and constantly replenish it to avoid potential issues. However, sometimes issues inevitably happen despite doing all the proper steps. You can contact your air compressor supplier in Singapore and ask them what to do.

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