5 Reasons Why DIY Rat Control Treatment Is Unwise

Is your house turning into a little paradise for rats? If you are a resident of Bainbridge, Washington, the answer to that might be a big yes.

Washington is ranked in 4th position when it comes to rat infestations around America. The D.C. Department of Health Rodent Control Division believes the improper storage of trash, construction work, and mild winters over the years is the cause for the same.

Now the big question is, are you planning to attempt a DIY rodent control activity around your home? If so, please think again! While you may think that a little rodent control activity may save you some money, the truth is it may not work out at all. In fact, mice pest control cambridge ma does not cost a fortune either.

While you may think that a little rodent control activity may save you some money, the truth is it may not work out at all. In fact, rat control in Bainbridge Island, WA does not cost a fortune either. In Bainbridge, the average cost falls around $342.

Costs aside, there are some additional issues with DIY rat control in Bainbridge Island, WA!

Wastes Money, Time, and Energy

Going the DIY route will not save you any big bucks as opposed to what you think. If anything, you might expend more time and energy while shelling out wads of cash. Why?

If your first attempt at rodent control fails, you are likely to try again. You may try your hand at every available DIY rat removal product available on the market. Most of these products are not a one-time solution either. So, you will need to use it again and again, adding to your cost.

Instead of minting out so much money and losing your energy and patience, hire a professional who genuinely knows what to do. Why live with the house mouse when you can get rid of them asap?

Exposure to terrible diseases

Rats and rodents can cause plenty of diseases due to the pathogens they carry. There is no reason to let them infest your house while you hurry to find the correct DIY method of rodent removal.

If you come in contact with a rodent, you risk getting infected with ailments like:

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

Hemorrhagic fever


Lymphocytic choriomeningitis


Rat-bite fever


Puts pets at grave risk

If you have any pets in the house, your DIY rodent removal attempts can prove fatal for them!

Rodent poisoning can pose extreme dangers to your four-legged furry friends, who may ingest the poison. Even a minuscule amount of such chemicals can induce significant sickness and even prove deadly.

Even if you find a pet-safe DIY rat removal solution, there’s still a decent chance for it to harm the pet’s sensitive paws and nose.

Puts you in precarious positions

Most rats and rodents find their secret hiding in enclosed spaces like the attic and crawlspace. Strategically putting a trapping device in these areas of your home may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Especially if your attic or crawlspace is unfinished or the rats are too active, you would simply be putting yourself in harm’s way.

Can destroy your house

If your DIY attempt does not prove successful in its early stages, then you are only leaving your house prone to destruction. Rats and mice can chew on house wiring or destroy insulations leading to house wires. They can also ruin the furniture, important documents, and precious family heirloom.

Wrapping Up

Leaving your house open and yourself vulnerable to the rats and rodents attack is not the smartest thing to do. If you are planning a DIY attempt at rodent removal, perhaps re-think. It’s not cost-saving by any standards.

If anything, it wastes your time, resources, and energy. Moreover, the solutions are short-lived, unsafe for pets, put you in harm’s way, and leave you exposed to diseases.

Safeguard your house today and call a rodent control professional now!

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