What You Need To Know About A Heat Pump

If we are familiar with renewable energy, we may know that a heat pump uses a renewable energy source for its operation. Specifically, it is a system that uses air, water, or the energy contained in the subsoil to take advantage of this change in temperature between two environments and collect that energy.

When we talk about installing a heat pump, we talk about geothermal energy, whose most important feature is high sustainability and efficiency at home. Despite this, it is not a very popular system in some countries like Spain, where we still have enough information to receive about its potential and advantages.

The heat pump is a perfect option to obtain the cold, heat, and sanitary hot water (DHW) needed both in homes and in other buildings – be they hospitals, offices, or restaurants. Its main function is to find the appropriate temperature and, all this, it does so while respecting the environment, because it does not generate energy but rather transports it.

It is also a system that, as we mentioned, is effective in both winter and summer to provide cooling or heating solutions and heating your home. It can transport the heat of the air, water, or earth into the room in the cold months, achieving a comfortable temperature. While in the summer months, it acts the opposite, extracting the heat from the interior of the room and cooling the environment.

If we get a little more technical, the heat pump works thanks to thermodynamics. Inside it houses a closed refrigerant circuit whose refrigerant liquid is responsible for absorbing and transferring heat during its phase changes. This means that it will occur when the liquid changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state and vice versa. It is then the exchanger dedicated to transporting the energy generated in the system to convert it into heating, cooling, or sanitary hot water. Finally, check if the heat pump consumes little electricity, as these are one of the essential criteria in terms of quality. Low electricity consumption means respect for the environment and a lower energy bill and contact a specialist for installation and repair.

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