What Can I Gift Instead of Flowers?

Flowers are a very suitable gift for various occasions. It can be a birthday gift, graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and also for condolences.

Most people think that flowers are identical to romantic and beautiful gifts, so many people like them. Have you ever thought of other ideas for giving a gift to the loved ones around us?

Of course, everyone wants to give a different gift every year to the same person. It takes creativity and careful preparation so that we can provide a different gift to the recipient every year.

Each item you choose has a significant impact on the recipient. They will be happy because the gift is something they like, they will cry because the gift touches them, or they will be amazed and post the gifts to their Instagram as a sense of appreciation and want to show others that they are lucky to have you.

Here are several options that can be used to determine other gifts that we can give instead of flowers.

The gift you will give depending on the occasion. This is the most important thing before you decide on the estate. After knowing what the recipient likes and needs, here are the events you need to remember, and it is important to give a gift as a memory, appreciation, and a sign that you love them.

Birthday: Every birthday occasion of the special people in your life deserves to be celebrated and get a perfect gift. Giving a gift on their birthdays shows that you care and feel grateful for their presence in your life. Then the gifts you provide will always be remembered by them.

Anniversary: ​​Giving gifts on anniversary celebrations is a form of your love for your partner. This celebration is your appreciation to your partner, who has accompanied you in joy and sorrow. Then give the most beautiful gift every year to strengthen your relationship.

Congratulations: A graduation day celebration, the grand opening of a company, or a wedding celebration deserves a gift as a form of appreciation that you give them for their achievements.

Condolence: Comforting someone who has just lost someone they love very much is a must for you. Try to convey to the recipient that you are there for them and will accompany them through joys and sorrows through the gifts.

Just Because: Sometimes, we often want to remind those who bring you a memory that you had with that person. In this case, you can give them a gift to remember the memories you had with them.

  • Shopping and Package

Usually, we prefer to find and buy food or things by ourselves to give as a gift. Then we wrap and assemble the packaging and give the gift directly to the recipient. These days, restaurant gift card has emerged as a great option.

But the current situation forces us to deliver the gift and make someone we care about happy, even though we are far from them.

Don’t be confused and sad; sit back from home, then choose a variety of gifts available in floweradvisor. There are too many kinds of gifts instead of flowers that you can give to the recipient, such as gourmet hampers, wine hampers, chocolate hampers with a bear, and a healthy fruit basket with vitamins. The gift you choose will go straight to the recipient’s hand.

  • Sweet Treats

Before you decide to buy a gift, you must have a large selection of gifts in your shopping basket. Try to find out what the recipient wants to have, what they need, or what they like recently through stories on their social media or from someone closest to them besides you.

Also, to find other gift options, you can see the recipient’s current condition or situation. For example, when they are sad, you can give them a sweet snack to restore their mood. If they are in unhealthy conditions, you can send healthy fruit hampers with vitamin, and you can deliver cakes or chocolate hampers accompanied by cute little teddy bears to entertain and make them forget their sadness.

  • Arrange Your Plan Together

Most of us must be very bored at home. Some people try to entertain themselves by occasionally going to shopping centers, cafes, and several entertainment venues by implementing several health protocols.

However, some again chose to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the virus that is currently worldwide. To replace your habit and those closest to you to hang out at the bar accompanied by a bottle of wine, the best way to keep this habit viable is to send them a hamper of wine and snacks. These hampers certainly can be enjoyed by recipients and families.

Rest assured, this will remind them of their memories with you. After everything gets better, they will plan this pending meeting with you soon.

So, keeping in touch and sending a gift for the loved ones is an important thing to make them feel that you are still their best part of life to accompany them.

  • Entertain Message

Does conveying a message by letter or greeting card is old fashioned? Trust me, it’s not something old-fashioned or boring.

A gift will feel more complete and sweet when there is a simple short message included in it. Adding a message will make the recipient feel touched, better, and more energized.

When the recipient is sad, you can give a short message to comfort and make them excited again. So, the role of short messages is also very important as a complement to the gift. So that the recipient can capture the message you want to convey through the gift and letter.

  • Happy Gifting

Have you been motivated to always give and spread love, comfort, and happiness for the people you care about?

What are you waiting for? There are many choices of gifts that you can find on for your loved ones. Don’t let the distance between you and them keep you from celebrating their happy days.

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