Various Examples of Personal Injuries that are Eligible for Compensation

Personal injury occurs because of a third party’s negligence. It can be a dog bite, slip, and fall, car accident, etc. However, even minor injuries can lead to lifelong damage. Moreover, the trauma that the victim goes through is also painful. Therefore, such personal injuries are often directed to compensation from the third party. 

Driving out money as compensation isn’t an easy task. Nobody will take the responsibility for huge medical bills. Here comes the role of a personal injury advocate. It is the attorney’s job to get maximum compensation form the third party so that there isn’t any change in the quality of life of the victim due to accident or injury. 

McCormick and Murphy P.C. is a Personal Injury law firm that was formed in 1995 by Kirk McCormick along with James Jay Murphy. They are Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys with an experience of 50 years in legal practice. They can practice in Colorado State as well as other states of the US. Their fee is paid only when proper compensation is retrieved for the client. 

Not all injuries are considered personal injury and are valid for compensation. Some can be the negligence of the victim as well. Therefore, before filing for any case it is wise to get a thorough medical report ready for the attorney to examine. It’s the personal injury attorney that decides if the case is appropriate. 

Here are lists of some personal injury examples are frequently experienced –

Motor accidents

Road accidents that involve any kind of vehicle like cars, trucks, motorbikes are often due to the negligence of the other party. It is often seen that collisions between two vehicles happen only when one of the parties is not following the traffic rule or is drunk and driving. If you’re injured due to motor accidents then you can always ask for compensation from the driver, passenger, owner of the vehicle, etc. this is because due to the accident you’re unable to go to a job or lead a normal life. 

Medical Error

Negligence of medical staff, doctors, can cause severe injuries. Wrong method of treatment, wrong medicines, incorrect diagnoses, errors in surgeries, pharmacy errors, etc. can lead to death as well. Such malfunctions cannot be ignored, therefore seeking the help of medical malpractice attorney at this time is the right decision. 

Unfair Death

As the name suggests, death is caused due to someone’s negligence. This can be a car, motorbike, truck hit and run case, medical malpractice, and accidents at construction, use of hazardous products, etc. Since there’s been a loss of life, therefore the recovery through unfair death is different from that of ordinary personal injury.

Injury at workplace

Any kind of accident or death at the workplace during working hours is eligible for a lawsuit against the company or employer. The employer will have to provide various types of benefits to the employee along with taking care of his or her medical bill. The law varies for victims from state to state. 

Premises responsibility 

If any kind of injury occurs within the premises of the culprit, then the victim is eligible to get compensation from the authorized person. These premises can be someone’s garden, alley, restaurant, shop, malls or store, etc. it should be noted that documents should be prepared and the attorney should be contacted without any delay. This helps in getting immediate results. 

Damaged products

Defective or hazardous products can result in serious injury. For example, rotten food, fruits, or vegetables provided by store person unknowingly or purposely, hazardous chemicals used in factories, harmful products for skin, or defective appliances that caused death or fire at the place. Any unsafe product that resulted in any sort of injury or bad health can be complained about. The responsible party will have to pay maximum compensation. 

Many other minor injuries can also be noted as personal injury. However, all those injuries have to be due to the negligence of the other party and you need to have enough evidence ad documents to prove the damage. Contact an attorney, the moment you’re back to your sense, in case you’re unable to do so, let your family help. 


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