The Story Behind Cryptocurrency – History about the Virtual Currency 

When you hear the word “cryptocurrency,” what comes to mind for most people is “complicated and perplexing.” It’s strange to believe that Cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade and that many people around the world are still unfamiliar with it.

Let us attempt to explain what cryptocurrency is…

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is protected by encryption. Most cryptocurrencies function without the need for a central authority such as a bank or government, instead relying on a distributed ledger to divide power among their users. A cryptocurrency has a specified monetary policy, such as a fixed token limit or the ability to create new tokens according to predefined regulations.

History of Cryptocurrency

In the last decade, cryptocurrency has travelled a long and involved path. Even though the general public has only recently been aware of cryptocurrencies, there has been a great amount of work that has led to this point. In truth, cryptocurrencies have a long history, dating back to a time when Bitcoin didn’t even exist.

Who Created Bitcoin and What Year?

The enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper in October 2008. This article detailed a decentralised network used to power Bitcoin, a new cryptocurrency. Years before traders started accepting the new form of money as payment, Bitcoin was quietly starting to catch on. More cryptocurrencies would be established behind Bitcoin and the rising crisis tsunami would ride throughout the following several years.

Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper in October 2008, this was an article detailing a decentralised network used to power Bitcoin, which was a new Cryptocurrency. It would take years for retailers to accept the new form of money as payment, but Bitcoin gradually gained any traction. More cryptocurrencies will be developed on the back of Bitcoin in the next years, riding the cryptocurrency wave. Fast forward to 2021, Cryptocurrency has gained the attention that it deserves, many online companies and physical traders and shops accept this virtual currency as a form of payment. You will more than likely see companies within the media and entertainment industry accept this form of currency, for example, bitcoin payments are popular in the online casino gambling industry and there are many online casinos that now accept Cryptocurrencyas a form of deposit alternative. If you would like to gamble using virtual currencies our team of passionate gamblers have compiled a list of trustworthy and secure casinos available here at

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