Currently in the times of COVID-19 Pandemic internet usage of kids especially teenagers, has risen tremendously. With all of their classes going online, kids are spending a lot of their time online. The Internet is one such thing which is very useful as well as has its own adverse effects. There are a lot of malicious activities such as data breaching, virus infection, cyberbullying, etc. going all around the world. In such a scenario it is very important for the parents to look and take precautionary methods to safeguard their child from any such activity. However, on the other side internet is also a very awesome helping tool for the children as it provides tremendous resources such as Lido Classes, an online learning platform.

Parents can do a lot of things to keep their children online safe apart from installing the latest anti-malware and anti-virus on the computer. They must look out for any activities going around their child. Carefully observing any changes in the behavior of the kid is very important. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic situation, all the kids are currently at home. The interaction with any person outside of their homes is very less; they only interact through online platforms. So if you notice any kind of sudden changes in their behavior then you must act cautiously. This happens usually with teenagers that they interact with some random person on the internet, and the person comes out to be a fraud or a thug. Initially, the child doesn’t sense anything suspicious as the person on the other side of the screen wants. Once they take the kid in confidence they start gaining personal information about the kid about the family, something that can be used against the kid or against the family. In return, they may ask for ransom, or a lot of people do it just for the sake of fun. It is hard to digest but reality.

It is very important to keep your child safe and aware of all the potential threats and risks. If they know about such things then if something like this happens to them, they will feel free to share such incidents with you. You must always be careful while selecting an online learning platform for your kid Lido learning is one such platform providing outstanding curriculum support and personal guidance from professional experts, specifically designed for the kids keeping their safety and security in mind.

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