Read the signs indicating you need a new furnace


If you are a residence of a place where chilling winters can freeze your blood then you need a good quality furnace. At this time, comfort is the utmost priority for abacus plumbing who works to read out certain signs showing your furnace is not working.

  • The old model

Usually, the furnace runs for around 15 to 20 years, and hence, they need to be maintained timely. If you don’t know about your model, either checks the serial number or manual. Some homeowners opt for an already installed furnace; hence they don’t have much information about the furnace.

  • Getting higher electricity bill than normal

With time, furnaces start aging and show less working performance. Moreover, they have to work hard to meet the expectations of users. In turn, it results in increasing the electricity bill that you will notice by comparing with the previous ones. Note down this indication and call the experts who will help in dealing with the problems. If your bill continues to increase even after you have fixed the problem, you should look into other electric companies in Houston to find the one that offers the best rates for you.

  • Collection of dust on unit

Does the problem of dust collection still persist even if you constantly wiping it down? If a furnace is fully functioning, it will filter out the dust regularly. Make sure that you perform this act every three months so that your furnace works effectively.

  • Uneven heating performance

A faulty system starts losing the heating ability with time and stop showing its effect in rooms. You can blame on thermostat or leak that can’t be overlooked. This means there will be an uneven distribution of heat.

  • Require recurrent repairs

Always keep your technician’s number on speed dial in case your furnace needs frequent repairs. Face the reality that now is the time to change the furnace quickly. It is just a wastage of your money to spend on the same furnace again and again.

  • Strange noises coming out

Now and then, your furnace or cooling system can start causing the noises like humming, screeching, popping, and rattling. This is not usual at all because it directly affects your safety.

Contact abacus plumbing if you are looking for HVAC services and ac repair in my area. Book an appointment now and keep your unit run for a longer time.

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