Launch is the newest feature from Jungle Scout.

Today brings some exciting news: the Jungle Scout team has been hard at work developing yet another set of awesome features for Jungle Scout! As we go over the new features, you might recognize a few from our application Jump Send. That’s because our developers have been migrating and perfecting the application for several months. If you’re already familiar with Jump Send, you should feel right at home with these changes/additions.

Email Marketing

The first component of Launch—Email Campaigns—allows you to follow up with your Amazon customers, ensuring they’ve received their products, that there have been no problems, and that they’ve been asked to leave feedback and reviews. The feature is automated and anonymized because it uses Amazon’s actual Buyer-Seller messaging system. You are not required to send the emails manually! Furthermore, email campaigns can assist you: Increase sales and social proof; improve conversions; and improve page ranking.

Are you new to jungle scout launch? Try it for free! Test it out before you buy it! If you’re a new Jungle Scout user and an Amazon seller, you can try our Launch features (along with our other Jungle Scout tools) for seven days for free! To unlock and use the new features, all you need are your Amazon MWS keys. 

But don’t worry if you enter your keys and discover that our software isn’t right for you! Simply notify us within seven days of your initial sign-up and we will cancel your membership and delete your keys. No further explanation is required.

The Simple Way to Find a Supplier

Make your product idea a reality. To find your product, search our extensive database of global suppliers.  Validate suppliers by viewing their confirmed shipments and customers, and even learn about the manufacturers that your competitors use.

Improve your keyword strategy. Improve your keyword strategy to get your product noticed. Reverse-search ASINs to see which top keywords are being used by your competitors.Use these insights to create keyword lists and incorporate them into your own listing.

Customers can be targeted with promotional campaigns. Increase the rank and credibility of your listing with more reviews to drive sales. To increase your chances of receiving positive feedback, promote your product launch with special offers.

How to Use the Product Database Tool in Jungle Scout for Product Research


Product Database is a searchable catalogue of 475 million Amazon-sourced products. This enables sellers to find products that meet specific search criteria. When looking for profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA, the Product Database is a great place to start. When you sign into Jungle Scout on a desktop, the navigation menu will appear on the left side of your screen. You can access all of Jungle Scout’s features from here.

Rank Monitor

Using Keyword Scout, find relevant keywords for your product and add them to Rank Tracker to track their performance and ranking over time. This tool provides powerful insights into which keywords to prioritize and which to avoid. Rank Tracker, like Keyword Scout, allows you to conduct a reverse-ASIN search to discover keywords that have the greatest influence on your competitor’s sales. This tool displays your competitor’s organic and sponsored keyword rankings in an easy-to-read graph, allowing you to quickly identify weak spots in your competitor’s page rank.

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