Install A Glass Wall In A Condo For The Interior 

The glass partitions have been around for ages and serve as a multifunctional component. The glass walls and partitions give plenty of ideas for the designers to have the best out of small spaces. And it also provides a rich finish to the overall look of the apartment. And one of the best things to install a glass wall in a condo (ติด กระจก ผนัง คอน โด, which is a term in Thai) is the free circulation of air in and around the apartment. 

Consider These Factors For Decorating Your Condo: 

With mirror walls and partitions and every furnishing will look more spacious and airy atmosphere, but there are certain factors that you must look before the implementation of these. 

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Frame And The Transparency

The above factors are the primary constraints that you have to plan out deeply to get the best idea out of how your space can look rich and allow natural light directly to come to your home. But remember to make it more or less like 30-40% of glass and rest of proper wood partition or a conventional wall to have the privacy and to have space of hanging things on the wall. 

After you have concluded the whole layout of your home and the structure of the glass walls, you can choose the type of design that will go with the interiors. 

  • Stationary And Portable: In the stationary model of glass, the partitions are fixed and can get only ported across after the dismantling. Using a frame across these glasses depends on the designer’s or your choice. Mostly these get installed in Bathrooms. The mobile or portable ones have racks like a screen and are generally get used across office spaces and conference halls.
  • Framed/Frameless With/Without Door: These are generally the huge partitions when built across to create a divider between two rooms. The barrier can get built with or without frames, and you can have the choice of installing a door or not. Most of these partitions have more opacity to give more privacy or keep the other block hidden. 

The Need For Creating Partition Across The Home

There can be different reasons for creating the partition across the home, and for a condo, especially having a barrier is a must as it ensures that everything gets well placed. And the look and feel of the house becomes more spacious rather than the mess. It also creates a private environment or for a decorative purpose. Once you have decide to change the interior of your condo, you can look for renovation packages offered by companies such as this https://www.acvision.com.sg/condo-ec-dbss-renovation-package.

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