How To Avoid Buying Fake Probiotic Supplement Online

Many people have been consuming supplements to help bridge the nutrient gap in their bodies. For example, taking iron supplements can help people with iron deficiency anaemia. You can buy supplements offline and online, but the risk of getting a counterfeit is higher online. So one must be careful when purchasing a probiotic supplement online.

Here are some tips on how to spot and avoid fake supplements online:


Anyone can sell anything online, from newborn gift sets to dietary supplements. So it is hard to track which seller is legitimate and which is not.

There are several tips on how to find out if the seller is legitimate:

Official Website – 

You can guarantee that your supplement is legitimate if you purchase them from the official website of the brand or manufacturer. For example, if you are looking for MsKinny coffee, you can find them at, the official e-commerce website of the brand.

Authorised Retailer’s Website – 

The most common authorised retailers for supplements are pharmacies and supermarkets. You can check out your pharmacy or supermarket’s official website or e-commerce platform for the supplement or diet jelly you are looking for.

Marketplaces – 

Brands and authorised retailers have official accounts on e-commerce marketplaces and platforms like Shopee and Amazon. You will know if they are the official accounts by the verified status or having a checkmark beside their account name.

Avoid buying from unknown or individual sellers online to prevent purchasing a counterfeit probiotics supplement online.


It may seem a good deal but avoid supplements with insanely low prices. For example, if the diet jelly you are looking for costs $50 per bottle in an authorised retailer, yet you find the same product at half the original price online, there is a high chance that they are fake. Sometimes knockoffs are sold in bundles. For instance, you can buy two diet jelly bottles for $50.


Many supplement distributors come from multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses and pyramid schemes.

In the MLM business, the supplement manufacturer will choose individuals to be their official ‘distributors’. These distributors earn commissions by selling their supplements. 

Meanwhile, pyramid schemes also require their ‘distributors’ to recruit individuals to become distributors, too, besides selling the product.

The supplements sold by MLM businesses and pyramid schemes may be legitimate, but most are unregulated or unapproved by the specific governing bodies. So to be safe, only buy your supplement or diet jelly from authorised sellers.


Now, if you have bought your supplements online and still want to verify if they are authentic, the first step is to check the packaging. It is better if you have the original packaging to compare to. 

Is the shade of colours right? How about the font style and size? Do they match the original one? Are the spellings and grammar correct? Do you see any verification or hologram stickers on the packaging? Is the packaging as sturdy as the original?

It is safe to buy a probiotic supplement online if you apply these precautionary tips beforehand.

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