Guide To Mandalika: An Outstanding Resort Area In Lombok, Indonesia

Once called surfer’s best-kept secret, Mandalika is currently in the middle of leisure at Lombok. After being called a distinctive tourism economic zoby from the authorities, the region is designed to become vibrant and becomes the tourist, foreign and local, favorite wishlist. In addition, the region also includes amazing nature, from slopes, mountains and mountains to the enchanting shore. This is our easy manual.

Around Mandalika

Mandalika stretches across 1,035.67 hectares of the southern shore of this island of Lombok. It’s 17 km directly from Lombok International Airport and about 50 kilometers from the town centre of Mataram, the state’s capital. Mandalika boasts quite a few pubs, clubs, racing decks, water parks, luxury hotels, golf courses, spas, and much more in its evolution as a distinctive tourism economic zone.

Getting There

You can choose a trip to Lombok International Airport. By Jakarta, the flight may require approximately two hours while in the neighboring Bali, it will only take about half an hour. By Bali, You May Also Have a ferry from Padang Bai Harbor into Lembar Harbor from Lombok. From that point, it is possible to choose a bus or a cab to Mandalika which will take approximately 2-3 hours.

Things to Do in Mandalika

1.     Beach-Hopping

With many lovely shores of the southern portion of Lombok close to Mandalika, you absolutely have to encounter beach-hopping here. Kuta Beach has its own adventurous waves, the merry Seger Beach, calm Serenting Beach, and stunning Tanjung Aan.

2.     Surfing

Called the worldwide surfer’s preferred place, Mandalika certainly has tough waves which you want to encounter. You can go to the world-class surf spots at Seger Beach, Gerupuk Beach, Ubrug Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, Selong Beach, Kuta Mandalika Beach, or Mawi Beach.

3.      Investigate the villages

Lombok is also famous for its rich civilization that it is also possible to encounter in Mandalika by researching the cities. You can visit Sade Village, where you’ll be welcomed with its exotic appeal and friendly inhabitants. You might even see Ende Village occupied by Sasak sub-ethnic teams who assert and conserve their previous heritage and lifestyle. The very first thing vacationers can do in Ende Village would be to understand how to tie clothes to make Sasak’s conventional cloth, Songket.

4.     Commemorate Princess Mandalika’s Sacrifice

The narrative told that Princess Mandalika had been a really lovely young woman, tender, hot, and type. Princes from different kingdoms are then hoping to win her heart; however not one of them pays the princess. Inspired by the rejection, just two of those princes then jeopardized Mandalika kingdom, making her need to select among these her realm would be ruined. Mandalika encouraged the princes into the mountain to safeguard her kingdom and her dignity then sacrificed himself in front of everybody there by leaping off the mountain into the sea. That is the main reason why this place is named Mandalika and sailors construct her statue to commemorate this.

5.     Hang out in the playful spots

With comfy restaurants with an opinion, occurring clubs, and lively pubs, Mandalika provides a memorable encounter. It’s possible to delight in the vibrant atmosphere and Mediterranean foods as you surf the stores and eateries in the bustling principal street of Kuta.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Mandalika by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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