Code Analysis Security Tools for Salesforce – 2021

What is static code analysis tool?

A Static code analysis tool is a software that analyzes computer source code without actually executing the code. 

Static If we’re comparing static code analysis to dynamic, or run-time, analysis tools, Static code analysis tools are often less expensive and easier to manage than their run-time counterparts Static code analysis tools can be used on most programming languages 

Static code analysis tools are only as good as the rules they use to perform their analyses, and these rules can come from different sources Static code analysis tools use sampling Static 

What are the tools used for static scanning?

  • PVS-Studio. supporting C, C++, C++11, C++/CLI, C++/CX, C# and Java.
  •  supporting  APEX, Visualforce, Lightning, Metadata.
  • SmartBear Collaborator.
  • CodeScene Behavioral Code Analysis

Benefits of Static Code Analyzers

Static code analyzers the static information about a program that is independent of its execution state; it is static. Information such as control-flow, data-flow, and certain syntax aspects are static in nature.

-Static Code Analysis helps improve the code quality by identifying possible bugs early enough for easy fixing and prevention of defects during the design stages itself.

Static code analysis helps in increasing the reliability of the software by identifying possible security issues.

-Static code analysis enhances the maintenance of a project by reducing troubleshooting time and effort.

– static code analyzers are used to detect potential vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow, format string errors, and race conditions, etc., which can cause potential security threats.

– static code analyzers are also used to detect other errors such as unused variables, empty catch blocks, etc. which may lead to bugs in the code and can affect its functionality.

– static code analyzers run through the source code without executing it and provide warnings or error messages during compilation time itself rather than at runtime.

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