Betting Deposit Bonuses – The Best Income Bonuses

When you create an account at a bookmaker, you can usually benefit from a deposit bonus. This type of account opening bonus has several variants (you will find all of them listed in the list below).

This bonus is the most common among web pages dedicated to sports betting and means that the platform offers the user an extra amount to play, corresponding to a certain percentage of their first deposit (always within a maximum amount).

Difference Between An Account Opening Bonus And An Existing User Deposit Bonus

As a new customer, you are usually received with a free bets; But existing customers also have their chance.

Many bookmakers offer bonuses for already registered users on the condition that they make another deposit or free bonuses for loyalty (that is, no deposit required).

The bonuses we present in this article refer to those offered to customers as a reward for their first deposit.

However, many of the operators mentioned here also offer deposit bonuses in situations other than welcome ones.

What To Look For When Choosing A Deposit Bonus

There are several factors to consider when determining the value of a bonus for income.

Here is a list of the points we consider to focus on, especially when our goal is to choose a welcome bonus for the first deposit:

Bonus Amount

Many people tend to opt for welcome bonuses that offer large amounts. Without a doubt, it is an aspect of weight, but everything that glitters is not gold.

The free deposit bonus is nothing more than a chimera. Therefore, if you choose the bonus in relation to the amount offered, you will have to prepare to bet large numbers before you can withdraw the funds from it.

Minimum Fee

Another point to consider is the minimum fee to which you must bet the bonus.

It may not be as important as other variables, but it is essential to know. The minimum fee to which you have to bet the deposit bonus to be able to release it ranges between 1.40 and 2.00.

Bonus Code

For some accounts, opening offers, you must have a bonus code. This code is usually entered during the registration period or when you make your first entry.

Many bookmakers still use this form of access to their bonuses and promotions for the first deposit; however, it is increasingly rare to resort to it.

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