BBQs 2u – Bringing Brilliance with the Gozney Roccbox Olive Pizza Oven

BBQs 2u has lots of different ovens and accessories for your barbecue. They only sell a few barbecue brands as they are really good at helping customers and giving great support after you buy. Plus, they make super strong barbecues that can handle the weather of the UK.

With the Gozney Roccbox Olive, you can make real wood-fired pizza wherever you choose, making it the perfect portable oven. Cook up delicious pizzas, flatbreads, and more anywhere with the Roccbox portable pizza oven.

It is easy to carry with retractable legs and a detachable burner for outdoor fun. The thick stone floor, excellent insulation, and unique flame create professional results.

The gas burner mimics a wood fire for high temperatures, while the optional wood burner adds authentic wood-fired flavour.

Perfect for pizza parties and family get-togethers, this olive-green oven is a safe and simple way to enjoy amazing wood-fired cooking experiences.

Product review

The Gozney Roccbox is a dual-fuel oven that includes the gas burner, while the wood burner is available as a separate purchase.

Its olive-green silicone outer casing not only looks stunning but also helps keep the exterior surface cool during use.

The Gozney Roccbox is solidly constructed with high-quality materials. Its body, legs, and burners are crafted from thick 304-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability.

Additionally, a dense calcium silicate insulation is installed between the outer casing and the shell for optimal heat retention.

The 19mm cordierite pizza stone is robust and securely fixed in place, completing this well-built unit.

  • Assembly ease: Setting up the Roccbox is simple – just attach the burner, and you are good to go.
  • Portability and weight: While compact, it requires some effort to move due to its heavy weight of 44 lbs.
  • Cooking space: The oven provides a relatively small cooking area, suitable for pizzas up to 11 inches in size.
  • Cleaning difficulty: Cleaning is a bit challenging as it tends to get quite sooty, even when using gas for cooking.

The performance of the Roccbox is impressive, reaching temperatures over 930°F with gas, demonstrating excellent heat output.

Its slow 45-minute preheat time is outweighed by the superb heat retention and distribution, thanks to the dense insulation and rolling flame.

However, its performance with wood is requiring up to 90 minutes to preheat and only reaching 800°F. Additionally, maintaining a consistent temperature with wood proves to be even more challenging.

When using gas, the Roccbox delivers impeccable results with perfectly cooked pizzas in under 2 minutes, allowing for continuous cooking due to its retained heat.

Overall, the Roccbox proves to be a highly capable pizza oven, excelling particularly with gas. Despite not being the most budget-friendly or lightweight option, it offers great value with included accessories like a built-in thermometer, pizza peel, carrying strap, and hopper tool.

Furthermore, its 5-year warranty, activated upon registration post-purchase, adds to its appeal. You can always remain connected with BBQs 2u on Twitter to receive updates on new product launches, discount deals, bundle offers, accessories, and much more.

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