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To care and maintain, that smartphone in the best possible manner is the wish ofits users. Search no further. The Antivirus: Virus Remover Booster App, has been designed with all up to date technology features, that will act to best maintain the most dependable and trustworthy personal smartphone you cannot do without. Here is a quick summary of the app’s useful features that will bring about all the necessary care along with max protection and security.

Removing dreaded viruses will be a pleasure for the Antivirus Remover App. Just as in a human body a virus in a smartphone will multiply with time. They will cause immense damage to the smartphone’s contents comprising files, data, apps,and others of similar nature. The malicious actions caused by viruses will have a negative impact on the systems functioning. Leave it to the app and it will detect and take care of the virus menace.

As smartphone users, we all know the importance of speed when operating it. To say the least, slow speeds annoy and frustrate so much. With the app’s Speed Booster in action, it will tackle the many causes for slow speeds, such as, apps and data used will be organized periodically, according to their usage frequency to make them work at optimal speeds. Phone storage will be cleared of obsolete apps, videos, photos, and files not used, with the user’s approval. With one touch, the app will act, doing these tasks and more, bringing the best optimization to boost speed levels.

There are many alternatives to try if this app does not available on play store. For example, Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Phone Master etc. All those choices are good tools that can clean and boost performance.

About Antivirus Apk

Junk consisting of cache files, created with external and internal apps, temporary files, inactive folders,call logs, back up documents and the likes will be cleared to create much needed storage.

Absolute privacy and protection with the Lock Private Apps feature with the options of Fingerprint, Pattern or Pin. Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others will be exclusively for the users. No prying is possible.Periodical,Intelligent analysis of Log, History, AD, Temporary files and suggest cleaning of unused files, thus freeing and opening up storage space for current files.Monitoring temperature of the smartphone will be done 24/7, with the CPU Cooler feature, thereby maintaining right temperature to cool off the heat generated by the working of the smartphone.

Further the app will notify user in the event the smartphone gets excessively heated.Security from hackers. App will keep them away by detecting public Wi-Fi that are hacked and will prevent users accessing such dangerous sites with no connection.All the important battery power that makes the smartphone work is extended to the max. Battery saver mode will temporarily stop apps working in the background, not used.

The AntivirusVirus Remover Booster App is hell bent in giving your indispensable smartphone the best of attention to all areas where care, protection and security is required, along with the privacy, the users look forward to. Users will experience what they have not,with this marvellous app, that has become popular with its users,from all over the world.

Download Antivirus Virus Remover Apk

You can find this application on Google play store. You can use alternative solutions like AC Market or Aptoide app stores. You can download any Android app or game apk file directly from AC Market app. First download AC Market. Then click on it to install. Installation will be blocked saying “unsafe” and other messages. Install it anyway. Because Android system does not allow two app stores in one phone. You can use AC Market search to find apps and games you want to install.

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