5 Types of Temporary Construction Projects That Are Widely Used Across the World

The first thing a company thinks of when planning an expansion, event or any new project is the space requirement and usage. Many think that temporary structures (NadeauSDM temporary structure design) would not do any good; however, the reality is way different. The time efficiency and cost benefit of temporary structures are two strong benefits of temporary engineering.

Let’s go through few projects that can bring temporary structures in use:

  1. Any Event (Official Party, Wedding, Award Ceremony, etc.)

Business events are held occasionally for industrial growth and development. Temporary structures have proven to be very economical when it comes to planning an event. The lighting system including poles, stage, seating arrangement, etc. is all done using temporary engineering. The stage crafting is the most important thing while planning an event and temporary structure design proves very helpful in this.

  1. Temporary Suspension Bridges

A suspension bridge assists in the smooth passage of large water vehicles on water. Hence, it is imperative to bring creative engineering to action. Many leading countries have already achieved the success of making suspension bridges. There are series of services provided by temporary construction companies for bridge construction. These include gantry stand, pillars and heads, rectangular and circular columns, abutment, dividing wall and basin and deck.

  1. Scaffolding and Formwork

Formwork is a temporary structure used in the process of concrete manufacturing. Scaffolding, on the other hand, is an elevated platform to support construction tools, workers and materials. The materials used in these constructions are solid and made of tough components. These materials have passed the test of durability and longevity.

  1. Temporary Buildings

Many businesses make temporary buildings to either run their business for a short period of time or stay there for a while. Such structures are also beneficial during emergency situations. The government creates temporary structures to provide shelter and food to the victims of natural disasters. Light-weight and durable materials are used to make its framework.

  1. Cofferdams and Shoring

Cofferdam is an enclosure to pump water in the body of the water to allow other construction and hydraulic work. It acts like a watertight fencing. NadeauSDM temporary structure design provides with a tight framework for such projects. Shoring is a process in which temporary support is given to a building or structure to prevent any damage or collapse during the process of construction.

NadeauSDM temporary structure design

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