5 Tips to Find a Masonry Contractor

The housing market of Everett, Washington, is very competitive. The median listed price of houses in the region is $675,000, and when spending such huge sums on the property, you must also take property improvements seriously, including everything from interior remodeling to landscaping. And to give your home any landscape transformation or to get some concrete flatwork done, you need to have the best masonry contractor in Everett, WA, at your disposal.

However, finding seasoned experts to complete any stone or brickwork project for your home is not so simple. And below are some tips that can guide you to hiring the right service:

  1. Check the Range of Services

Masons work with bricks, stones, blocks, and concrete, and the style and expertise of every contractor are unique. The types of services available are building walkways and pavers, yard beautification, kitchen remodeling, siding repair and replacement, tiling services, floor installation, and drywall installation.

While some contractors specialize in designing walkways, others excel in kitchens and outdoor patios. So, you must check whether the service provider is a generalist or provides specialized services.

  1. Look at the MCAA Certification

There are more than 220 masonry contracting services in Everett. Therefore, narrowing down the best contractors can be quite a task, but your search process gets simpler when you look at their MCAA certification.

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has a certification program to help customers distinguish expert contractors from the rest. Also, the certification mandates the contractor to meet the standards of the masonry trade community. So when you see the certification, you know the contractor has the skills and qualifications to provide high-quality services.

  1. Assess Their Experience

Everett is transformed into a hub of commerce, with more and more people moving to Puget Sound. Therefore, for any newcomer, trusting any random masonry contractor in Everett, WA, involves a lot of risks. However, when you check their experience, you know your house is in the right hands.

First of all, look into the service provider’s experience with materials. Both brickwork and stonework need specialized skills and techniques. So, based on your home improvement project, you can check if the contractor has substantial experience working with the specific material. Next, check for how long the company has been operating in the market. And during this time, you must also inquire about the contractor’s qualifications.

  1. Take a Look at Their Previous Work

There were 240 houses sold in Everett in 2021, which implies that the demand for masonry services is quite high here. So, when you look at the work of your chosen contractor, you get an idea of what to expect. As such, be sure to ask your masonry contractor in Everett, WA, to provide the before and after photos of the projects they completed. You can also check for images on the Facebook page and the contractor’s website. And after checking the recent pictures, ask questions about the purchase of materials, time taken to complete the project, or if the pictures were of new work or repairs to previous structures.

  1. Ask About Proof of Insurance

Any trustworthy masonry contractor must have full insurance and be ready to share its proof. A licensed contractor is liable to protect your home from damages and safeguard you from incurring a financial loss. So, the type of documentation and insurance you need to check before choosing the service is Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance.

Finding the right contractor for completing any project for your house can be a critical task. And while you focus on several aspects related to the service, you often miss out on asking whether they will clean up before leaving. So, remember, a dedicated professional who maintains a tidy workspace is someone to be entrusted with.

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