4 Clear Signs Solar Panels Are Ideal For Your Home


Investing in solar panels for your home can be determined in several excellent ways. Although many homes can benefit significantly from this investment regardless of their unique conditions, it is still vital to understand what to anticipate from a solar system on your home. Consider the following criteria to determine if your home is suitable for this home improvement. Here are indications that your home is fit for solar energy.

1. Your Roof Gets Built To Last For Decades

Solar panels usually last up to forty years, so you must prepare your roof for installation. If you need a new roof after the solar panels get fixed, you will need to have a solar company in Singapore remove the entire system and reinstall it after the roof gets rebuilt. Solar panels can get installed if you have a new roof. And while a new roof gets installed, you may wish to install solar panels. If the installation gets performed concurrently, there will be no issues drilling through roof membranes or attaching a new framework. In addition, before installing solar panels, a reputable solar installation company should inspect your roof for damage.

2. Your Place Hardly Gets Any Rainfall

Solar panels are a good option for your home if you live in a dry or relatively dry climate. People living in places with heavy rainfall and snowfall would reap less benefit from solar energy in Singapore due to the lack of sunlight. Furthermore, the snow that covers rooftops for months during the winter prevents solar panels from performing their function. Before purchasing solar panels for your home, consider your climate and average annual precipitation.

3. Your Roof Gets Direct Sunlight

If your home is a good candidate for solar energy in Singapore, the effect of shade on the rooftop is a crucial consideration. If trees or your neighbour’s house cast a substantial amount of shade on your solar panels, the performance of your solar panels may get drastically reduced. However, if you receive abundant bright, direct sunlight on clear days, you should consider installing solar panels to reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

4. Your Monthly Energy Bills Are High

Before considering the installation of solar panels for your home, you should assess your monthly energy expenses. If your monthly energy costs exceed $65, your home may be an ideal candidate for solar panels. In addition, the average savings threshold is $65. Solar panels may not be worth installing if your annual electricity bill is less than $65 or rarely exceeds that amount.
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