3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Metal Gate In Singapore

The front gate of my house has gotten old over the years. Whenever I had to push it open, it would cry in the form of a high-pitched screeching noise. My children would always cover their ears and tell me to make the sound stop, but stopping meant I wouldn’t be able to open the gate at all. ‘But you have to stop! The sound hurts!’ my youngest son complained, squeezing his eyes shut as he pressed his palms further onto his ears to block out the squeaking. ‘Well, how are you going to get to school then if I don’t open the gate?’ I asked him, realising a second too late that maybe I should have said something else. Without even skipping a beat, my son took the opportunity provided by my statement and proclaimed, ‘Then I won’t go to school!’ before running off into the house again. I sighed and looked over at my gate with concern. Despite its modern HDB gate design, its age was no longer as modern. Considering how old my house was, it wasn’t a surprise that some of its parts were already starting to show its age.

As a means of solving the problem, I started to search the internet for a new replacement. There was no use keeping the old gate with the sounds it made, so it was better if I just had a new one installed. However, picking a gate isn’t as simple as you may expect it to be. There were a few things I considered before purchasing the perfect gate replacement.

1.Type Of Gate

There were different types of gates that I had to choose from. Since not all gates are built using the same materials, I needed to know which kind suited my requirements the most. A steel gate and a metal gate from Singapore have specific differences that should be taken into account when picking out a new gate. Mild steel is a material that has the ability to last for several decades, only when it undergoes the right galvanising procedure. In simpler terms, a steel gate made of mild steel is strong and stiff despite the cheaper price. On the other hand, metal gates are similarly durable, but are sometimes prone to rust if not maintained properly.

2. Costs

It is quite obvious that automatic gates would be more expensive than a regular gate. If you’re buying a gate for the sake of enhancing safety and security at home, then you can choose between a standard gate and an automatic gate since both provide protection. However, if you want to buy a gate that can offer you convenience, then an automatic gate might be better than a typical mild steel gate. Automatic gates are costly, so if you’re planning on buying one, then you need to prepare yourself for the price. A non-automatic gate is already enough to keep you safe, though!

3. Size

I should also consider the size of the HDB metal gate that I’m thinking of buying. If the gate is too small, then it might make it easier for criminals to climb over. In order to ensure that the gate you choose is the perfect choice, finding out the precise measurements that you need can make the decision much easier.

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