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Welcome to YAFPC, the freeware PDF Composer/Printer/Mailer.

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What is YAFPC all about? Imagine you need a PDF-printer-like tool, which is able to generate PDF-files from documents, you want print out of your applications on your local machine. There are plenty of solutions out there on the web, which can do this for you. Now imagine you need a PDF-printer to be shared in your network, which is able to generate PDF-files from documents, the network users print out of their applications. You'll find some free solutions, which can make this. Further imagine, you want this PDF-printer automatically to apply the letterhead template of your company to the first page, apply the company-logo to all further pages, append a „Terms and Conditions“ page to all printed documents, apply some „Watermark Graphic“ on all pages to copy-protect your documents, encrypt the document to protect it from unwanted manipulation and automatically mail the document to the user, who initiated the print-job. Hard to find a free solution on the web, which can do this for you. GOOD NEWS: YOU DID FIND IT RIGHT NOW!

Is it free? Yes, YAFPC is free software. You can use, modify, copy and distribute it under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). See for more information. YAFPC makes extensive use of „iText“, a great and very useful free software library, written in Java. See for more information about „iText“. You may modify the program-sources provided for download on this homepage.
Please donate a small amount if you would like to support my work. For your comfort, I didn't define any upper limit for your donation-amount ;-)

What are the system requirements? YAFPC is pure Java. It will run on all platforms, that are supported by Java 1.5 or above. To deploy YAFPC on your system, you must install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) first. You can get a JRE for almost all operating systems from Sun Microsystems and other Vendors. Click the icon below, to obtain a free copy of the current JRE version from Chose „Download J2SE JRE“ there.


The hardware requirements for YAFPC are quite poore. When your hardware meets the requirements, defined by Sun for running their JRE, it will be sufficient for YAFPC too. In my home network a 486DX2/50 notebook with 16MB RAM, running Slackware Linux, does this job. It is connected to the network via a D-Link pocket ethernet adapter for the parallelport. The older ones of you may remember those machines ;-) I'm young. I can wait for my documents ;-)

What version of Adobe(R) Reader(R) is required for reading the created documents? You need at least version 5.0 of the Adobe Reader. You can get the latest version of Adobe Reader by clicking the icon below:


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